Hats have been a favorite form of accessory since ages and women love sporting this amazing additional style to their clothing all for the good reasons. There are plenty of styles of hats one can choose – from the sexy cloche to beautiful beret – everything goes well with a lady who knows how to wear it.

Talking about hats here, the beret hats for women are taking the fashion trends into storms these years and it can now be called as one of the most favorite hats for women. This particular hat has a huge history behind it and although the French people keep the hat quite close to their heart, people around the world too are not staying aback when it comes to slaying it with style.

These hats for women aren’t simply a way to escape the cold during the winter season. Women nowadays love wearing the berets anytime of the year in any sort of events. Whether it is a marriage, an even or a religious get together, women love sporting the beret with grace and style.

The best thing about berets that women nowadays love is that its versatility. The hat can be worn by anyone – whether you are 4, 14, 24, or even 44 – the age here doesn’t play any role. If you know how to wear a beret, you rock it.

When it comes to the right costumes, a beret can be worn with many kinds of dresses; like with a novelty dress, historical one or even with a little funky one. These go well with most of the costumes and make you look amazing.

Here are a few things you can do to make your beret look great on you –

1.    Fix your hair first. The hair can be neatly tied on a pony tail or you can keep your hair loose and open – it doesn’t really matter. Fixing your hair means get onto the hairstyle you want to wear your beret in.

2.    Experiment different styles with the beret. Get the 1940’s vintage look by loose hair with a few large cures. Or pad out the front of the beret using a silk scarf or cotton wool to give it some lift. Set it back on your head so the front of your hair is exposed. Secure the rest of the hair at the back of your head with a loose bun, or tuck it under the beret.